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Today was very educational, heheh. First we went to the dojo so Henry could help teach the little kids. Then we zoomed out to San Marcos to the Palomar College Planetarium for a fabulous homeschooler field trip! It was so much fun! Then over to our charter school for Henry’s Mythology class and Musical Theater class. He took his Aboriginal Boomerang to show the mythology class. I knitted my green socks (photos soon I swear) and played some Harvest Moon. My plan is to build a Mushroom Shed or a Bird Shed next, when I have enough lumber or rocks saved up. I unlocked the blackjack-dealing sprite but poker is a lot easier to win big at. Then we came home, and I taught a piano student. Then Henry’s dad picked him up and Dan and I went out to do a little grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. It was really nice having Dan along for company, and he carried all the heavy grocery bags for me, even though he’s a bit under the weather! Bought a cherry pie for Henry’s birthday dinner tomorrow.
Yawn. Tired. Salad and quesadillas for dinner, with homemade salsa. House is on tonight!

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