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Robin Hood and Emma

Dropped Henry at his classes, came home and did Actual Work for Librivox. We’ve got Howard Pyle’s Adventures of Robin Hood in the works. It was started by a fellow who disappeared before it was finished and cataloged, taking the completed files with him. Since I’m the top of the chain-of-command for that project (the “MC” or Meta-Coordinator) I took on the unpleasant job of tracking down the completed files and chasing down readers who had claimed chapters but hadn’t yet submitted them. The project has been stagnating, about 3/4 completed, for months. So today I sent emails and PMs around to all the readers with outstanding chapters, to see where we stand and try to ascertain whether I should parcel out any abandoned chapters to other, more eager readers. I’ve already heard back from most of the readers, which is encouraging! I’m sure we’ll get it completed and cataloged within the month.

We’ve also had a nearly-complete solo version of Emma sitting around waiting to be completed since May. The wonderful soloist seems to have gotten too busy with Real Life to finish the few little edits and things that needed to be done before the book can be cataloged, so I took it upon myself to re-read the two too-quiet chapters and find an editor willing to re-edit the few little glitches here and there. The lovely and talented Starlite volunteered to help with the edits, and I already recorded those two chapters, so I feel confident we’ll get this wonderful nearly-solo Emma cataloged Real Soon Now! Maybe even next week. I’ll post a link when it’s up — Sherry did a fantastic job reading and any Jane fan will enjoy it.

Raced over to the dojo at 4 to exchange Henry’s too-large new Gi for a size smaller, raced home and got it washed, dried, and hemmed in an hour and 15 minutes, in time for his evening class. Amazing. We listened to Tom Lehrer all day. Lol.

I made Chicken Parmesan for dinner and both Henry and Dan loved it! It’s rare for BOTH of them to like any given dinner ;-)

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