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Woke up at 6:20 this morning which was too late to take my getting-back-to-sleep Lunesta (I decided it was stupid to take it at night, since I rarely have any trouble falling asleep — it’s staying asleep that’s the problem.  So if I wake up before 5:30am I take one then), so I listened to Loveline for half an hour and then got up.  Uploaded photos from Aperture to my gallery, then did a couple of blog posts about socks. You can find them in the handmade section if you care about socks.

I did not have to DRIVE anywhere today, yay!

Henry tried out a couple of recipes from his new cookbook after we sat and read through it together.  He made a fruit-and-yogurt smoothie for breakfast and loved it. (Perfect — I like to make fruit salad with yogurt most mornings, and he won’t eat it.  So now he can throw it all in the blender and drink it happily, heehee!)
And then he decided to try to bake bread!  There’s a recipe for simple white bread near the back of the book, and he found all the ingredients and did almost all of the work himself.  I sat at the table, ready to lend a hand if needed.

While the bread dough was rising, I recorded a chapter of some book about Pirates.  As an experiment, I tried hooking my mic and USB interface to my macbook instead of my iMac, and the mysterious clicks went away!  So it’s not an audio equipment problem after all.  Dan says he’s pretty sure he can make my iMac stop clicking, but even if he can’t I can always just record to the laptop. (in case you’re curious, yes, I tried rebooting, defragging, and reinstalling drivers on my iMac)
Tired.  And Dan’s home yay!!!

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