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Too much sun

Rockola had an outdoor, all-ages show in a park today. I picked up H from his dad’s house and we headed down to see them. It was nice and gray and cloudy when we got there but it got progressively sunnier and hotter through the show, and I had to take off my longsleeve shirt so I got a bit of a burn on my shoulders. And my eyes feel burned even though I wore my hat and sunglasses the whole time. Argh. But the show was great, as usual!

Finished cataloging Emma last night! It’s a wonderful recording. Go here to download it:

I know I’ve been talking a lot about this recording. It’s not that it’s better than any of our other books, but Emma is very special to me, and in my opinion the reader, Sherry, did a particularly fine job. And it’s an 18-hour recording!  Also the project has been hanging over my head since March, so getting it cataloged, finally, seems like a huge accomplishment.

Bah my eyes are really bothering me and my nose hurts too. Hope we have some Solarcaine. Stupid sun. And stupid me for not taking sunscreen. Not that that would help my eyes any, though. And I hate hate hate sunscreen. I hate the way it smells, I hate the way it makes my skin feel dirty. So that’s why I mostly stay indoors all summer. I thought an afternoon show on a cloudy October day would be all right… sigh.

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  1. Michelle

    I can’t wait to listen to Emma! Downloading it right now… Thanks for your hard work on it.

  2. Chris

    I’ve just discovered Librivox via the podcast – listened to Pride & Prejudice and loved it! Will definitely have to check out Emma!

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