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Henry and I played World of Warcraft in the morning, as soon as chores were done. We took Animala and Zinny to Feralas. Did the Lord Shalzaru quest and the Zapped Giants, and part of the Water Elemental Core one. Lots of fun, Henry’s a great teammate.

We went out to run a couple of errands, including Barnes and Noble for Henry to spend some of his birthday money on the next two Dragon Quest books (both together in one hardbound edition). He a good shopper — called ahead of time to ask them to set the book aside.

Whyen we got home he made himself a “reading shrine” on the side of the hill and sat on a towel and read for hours, while I did two recordings — section 8 of This Side of Paradise, and chapter 3 of Wives and Daughters. The Fitzgerald chapter was disappointingly dull, compared with the other two sections of that book I recorded already, but W&D was lovely.

Oh, also we tried out the demo at , which Henry actually enjoyed. He took the placement test and was so proud of his personalized pie-chart that we asked Dan print it out in color at work. And I wrote some letters nice and large on the whiteboard for him to trace over. I think maybe if we work in very large scale, it’ll be easier for him to form nice letters.

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