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Tired Monday

Tired tired tired. Not enough sleep and I think maybe I’m getting sick. We’ll see. It was a good day anyway. First to the dentist to get some help cranking Henry’s appliances, then home. Did chores and called the garbage company to ask for a new huge wheelie trashcan (we rent it from them for $18/year. Ours disappeared recently). Was astonished that the customer service woman I spoke to actually… SERVED me! She was nice! She was polite! She was helpful! They’re going to replace our wheelie can at no charge — she said, “It’s not your fault it was stolen!” What a concept.

Then played WoW with Henry — four trips to the Battlegrounds. I think I’m getting the hang of the Battlegrounds. Henry coaches me and encourages me :) Warsong Gulch was most fun, though we lost two out of three times. Arathi basin was just frustrating because every time our team took a base they all ran off to take another, instead of sensibly assigning some players to GUARD the newly-taken base against the other team. Henry and I tried to guard but the Horde was too much for just the two of us. The Battleground system is much better than it used to be, now that the Battlegrounds are cross-server. We never had to wait even a full minute to be let in.

Then after we played a while I glanced at the clock and realized we had to leave in ten minutes for the first meeting of the new homeschoolers’ math/science club that the amazing Lyndy is running. Threw some lunch in the backpack, grabbed my book and knitting and dashed off. Got there nice and early. This first meeting was a science meeting, and the boys (they’re all boys!) got to analyze and describe pastries and play with different kinds of goop. Henry loved every minute of it! He enjoyed playing with Lyndy’s son, Jason, after the meeting while Lyndy packed up and I read. Then we had to race home for my piano students. Got here just in the nick of time — we’ll leave the park earlier next week to avoid stress.

Then it was off to karate. I called Dan and asked if he could pick up H after karate and he said he would, yay, so I came home to rest and start dinner. And I managed to record a couple of tiny sections of the poetry book too. Spinach salad and quesadillas with sliced avocado and sour cream for dinner, quick and easy.

Then bedtime story for Henry (the second half of the rather long chapter of The Dark is Rising that we started last night). While i read he worked on the comic that he’s been drawing. Now I think I’ll read my book (another by Joanna Trollope!) for a few minutes before I fall asleep.

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