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Lots of recording!

I had the house to myself, all to myself, until 1pm today.  So I did lots and lots of recording!  I did 5 more sections of the poetry book, the Conclusion to Wives and Daughters, one of the Balzac letters, the Weekly Poem, and The Boar’s Head Carol.
Whew!  None of them are actually ready to upload yet.  Still need to run the 10-band EQ, the compressor, chop out the errors, and proof-listen for swallowing sounds, lip smacks, and pauses that are too long or short.  Encode to mp3, and then put in the proper ID3 tags.  It’s quite a process. But I can do all that stuff when the house is noisy.
Also did three loads of laundry, which is not easy because our elderly washer gets unbalanced if there’s a gram more wet laundry on one side than the other, and requires constant babysitting and re-arranging.  And sometimes it gives up entirely unless you sit on it to keep it steady. And our elderly dryer doesn’t get very hot so it take about 2 hours to dry one medium-sized load. Usually I hang things to dry outside but it was cloudy today. I discovered, though, that because of the powerful personal server that lives in our walk-in closet I can put the wooden drying rack in there and things dry really fast!  So the delicates go in the closet to dry.

And in the afternoon, when Henry got home, we did some math together on!  Fun.  He finished up the level-3 Place Value slice of the pie, and did a bit of work with fractions.  And we went over the 7-times table (because neither of us was comfy above 7×4, heheh).  And then we played some WoW — took Zinny and Animala back to Ferelas and killed water elementals and yetis, and Henry helped me do the Robot Chicken escort quest.

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