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My eye is a bit better today, not so itchy. Dr. Dan told me to put Visine in every hour, which I didn’t quite manage but I did use it frequently all day. Dr. Chloe recommends Theara Tears, which I’ll get tomorrow if I still have any discomfort.
Tiny Tigers in the morning. I think Henry really enjoys working with the little kids. He’s so sweet and patient with them. He was playing with the toddler sibling of a piano student this afternoon and I told him with just a little more experience he could get work among homeschool families as a Mother’s Helper, and then in a few years as a real babysitter. He got all excited about that prospect!

Mythology and Musical theater this afternoon, and I stayed at the school and edited recordings – 5 sections of the poetry book (I’ve got 20/81 done now, preview here: Poems Every Child Should Know) and another of the Letters from de Balzac’s Letters of Two Brides. (I’m reading Louise’s letters). When we got home we baked fantastic oatmeal raisin cookies and did math at while they baked. Lots of fun. Except that the java thing is semi-broken on my mac. You need to reload pages several times, sometimes, before keystrokes are recognized, but oh wel, it always works eventually. Henry is a whiz at math, the concepts anyway. Memorizing Facts is less fun, but I think being a whiz at understanding concepts is more important anyway.

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  1. irq

    Yes, the cookies were quite fantastic!

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