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CD Covers

Check out these amazing and creative CD covers that our volunteer Sayeth has been designing for us:

So far he’s made cases/covers for 13 of our books, which can all be found here: (do a browser find if you’re looking for one of the books that Sayeth made a cover for). A nice audiobook on CD with a lovely full-color case would make a great (and nearly free) Christmas present, so help yourself :)
I cataloged Mark’s reading of The Reluctant Dragon and Kristin’s reading of The Amateur Cracksman today. Yay, two more beautifully-read LibriVox books! Henry and I listened to The Reluctant Dragon today. Charming story.

Henry and I read a chapter of his history book, about St. Augustine bringing Christianity to England, and monasteries, and monks. And we found some lovely illustrated manuscripts online to look at. And we worked on subtraction with regrouping (which was called borrowing when I was a kid). He gets the concept, just needs a bit more practice actually DOING it.

Have you seen the ok go treadmill video, or the backyard dance video? I’m a bit obsessed with these. Here are links to youtube:

Treadmill Video

(treadmill live at MTV VMA)

Backyard Dance

And some of my favorite fan-versions of the backyard dance:




solosilo (these guys rock especially hard)

Yeah, ok I’ll stop :) But you can go to youtube and search for “ok go backyard” or “ok go contest” and come up with a million more.

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  1. Kristin

    BAh! You’ve reminded me I still need to send those Heidi CDs. Man I’m so forgetful.

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