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Our friend Squigley from Australia is travelling all over the country and stopped in LA, so he took the train down to visit us today for a few hours! He’s just as nice in person as he is on IRC. He and Dan went down to the Guitar Center in SD so he could buy a Geddy Lee bass (much cheaper here than in .au) so I got a LOT of recording done while the house was quiet: four or five sections of the poetry book and one of the Letters of Two Brides. (As I had hoped, the poetry book included “How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix“!!!) When they got home, the guys played music while I made a huge ginormous lasagna for dinner. Henry came home and played TimezAttack (he’s almost beaten the 3x troll) and Fizzball, and then we ate. Squigley brought us a little jar of Vegemite :)

The time change threw me off, of course (did I mention how extremely much I hate the time change? I HATE the time change!), so dinner was very early. Henry and I had time to play WoW for an hour while Dan and Squigley went to the shooting range. At about 8pm Henry and I started the Bedtime Routine and I read him the last chapter of The Dark is Rising. Ahhhhhh what a book. It runs circles around Harry Potter in every possible way. At 9 Chloe called and said they were up in Carlsbad and could they stop by! YAY! So we all sat around and talked til 11. So nice to see them!

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  1. Gina

    Yeah, i hate the time change as well, though i didn’t this time cuz it meant I got to spend another hour with Tim. :)
    Where do you guys chat on IRC? That’d be neat to chat with ya, unless it’s a private server, or something.
    Ah, and i’m almost finished with Heidi. That book is awesome. There was another book written by someone different called “Heidi Grows Up,” or something like that, but I’ve never read it. They had it in the library at the blind school. *laughs*

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