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Sometimes, on the LibriVox forum,  we get posts like this:

Hello from kenneth in the uk . may i just say thank to all who put the books on the site . and a very big thank you to Miss Joy Chan. best wishs and thank you all. i thought the days of me reading were over. But thanks to this site i have found books again …… kenneth ( the old man )

Now doesn’t that just warm your heart? Kind words like that make all the work and effort more than worthwhile.

Our Searchable Catalog System is coming along nicely.  Volunteer “Data Entry Drones” (as Catharine calls them :) have been entering all our completed projects into The System, and there are nearly 400 total, counting the in-progress projects.  Unbelievable.  Go play with it and let me know if anything breaks:

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  1. Chris

    I think you guys are all doing brilliant work. I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the great stuff on there, and I can’t wait to find more.

  2. Kristin

    Exciting stuff about the catalog system huh? I can’t wait to share it with more volunteers, and start using it for new projects.

    I must say it does feel great to get those comments about LV recordings. Such is one of the reasons I think most of us do this (not to get the comments, but to give literature to others).

  3. ClymAngus

    Yes, a good site. Something of a lofty aim, (It’s a hell of a lot of work) . But considering the dross that passes for content on the internet these days we could all do with a little elevation. I’ve done a speedy review of libravox I hope it sends some of the VAA brethern your way.

    It can be reviewed here, and should you ever wish to try something more dramatic then we have a small talent for such matters. :)

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