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One of our butterflies hatched out a few days ago.  When he started crawling around his box and flapping, we decided it was time to let him go.  Henry took him outdoors and he flew away!  Beautiful. The other butterfly is a “special needs” butterfly.  Her wings developed oddly.  They’re sort of rolled to one side and funny-looking, and she can’t fly.  We took her out to let her go and she just fluttered down to the ground.  We decided she doesn’t have a ghost of a chance in the wild and that we’d better keep her in her box, so yesterday Henry and I bought her some nice cantalope to live on, so she can have a nice indoors life anyway.

The time change is still messing me up, so last night I stayed up late and took 2mg Lunesta in an attempt to get back on schedule with the rest of the world.  It worked!  I slept until 8:30 or so and I don’t feel that time-change disorientation anymore.

Today I helped Henry practice writing numbers and we did some math, and then we played WoW for an hour or two.  We took Zinny and Animala to Tanaris to slay ogres. Fun :)  Then I took him to his dad’s house and stopped at the grocery store for molasses and sour cream and things.

Hey, Rockola is going to perform the entire Rubber Soul album (plus more Beatles) on November 25th, at the beautifully restored Steven and Mary Birch Theater in North Park!  If you’re a Beatles fan you MUST buy tickets.  They always put on an amazing show, and the Revolver show a few months ago sold out!  So buy tickets early!

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  1. Chloe

    Thanks for the plug! I listened to them run through the album today and it’s coming along really well!

  2. Kathy

    Special needs butterfly!!! Kara, you do have a way with words and images. I’m glad your butterfly can have a good life. Mainstreaming her sounds like a bad idea at this point. ;-)

    Would love to see Rockola, but it’s such a long way to travel!

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