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Dan went out to his friend’s house tonight to do helicopter stuff, and I stayed home and worked on LibriVox stuff.  We just finished the “Princess of Mars” podcast so I had to set up a new book in the xml file.  I decided to send out “The Importance of Being Earnest” next week and then a delightful-looking book called “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town” by Stephen Leacock.  Somehow I missed out on recording any of it, but I’m really looking forward to hearing it!

Dan brought home Chinese food for dinner so I didn’t have to cook.  We’ve been watching the money lately so we haven’t been eating out at all, so it was a nice treat.  Except I should have followed Dan’s advice and ordered broccoli beef instead of veggie lo mein.  My veggie lo mein was just sort of dryish naked noodles, with one hunk of broccoli in it.  Not much “veggie” involved.  Sigh.  Not very good, and I was really in the mood for a big pile of yummy Chinese vegetables. Oh well, at least it was food that someone brought to me and that’s always nice :)

While we ate we watched last Tuesday’s episode of House, and then Friday’s The Soup, which was a fantastic episode.  We were cracking up!  Highlights were Tyra Banks screaming “PANTY PARTY!!!” and a super-psycho-freakout from a tele-novella.  Lol.

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