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This morning after chores Henry and I sat down with the big bag of geometry stuff that Lyndy sent home with us. (Henry was sick on Math Club day but Lyndy saved our materials for us and gave them to us on Science Club Day). We read about polygons and polyhedrons, Platonic Solids and Archimedean Solids. We built polygons with pretzel rods, and polyhedrons with gumdrops and toothpicks. We played with tangrams and pentominoes. And I think we both learned something! I took photos of our gumdrop creations, which are, of course, still in the camera… I’ll try to dump/upload/post one tomorrow.

Sally went out for a bit so the house was quiet (so funny that a 66-year old makes FAR more noise than an 11-year old) and I recorded the last 2/3 of chapter 4 of Vanity Fair for Betsie. The woman who originally read chapter 4 disappeared so we couldn’t get her to fix her truncated file. But I recorded it, and pasted both parts together, and tried to get them to match in sound quality. I think I did pretty well.

Oh! Our LibriVox “A Tale of Two Cities” audiobook is done!!! Frabjous Day! You can download it here:

(All LibriVox recordings are volunteer-created, FREE, and in the public domain. Please download, copy, share!)

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