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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I didn’t write about anything but my lovely new macbook, so I’ll catch you up:

Woke up, developed a migraine which lasted all day, went to thyroid doctor in the morning, blood tests (ouch), then drove to Fargo’s house, brought him home with us, went to the bank and the mailbox, then came home, taught students, then lay around feeling crappy and doing LibriVox work. Then Dan got home and gave me my macbook :)

Today was busy but I felt ok again so that was nice. Karate in the morning, then groceries and pharmacy, then home for an hour, did laundry and chores, then out to Mythology class. I sat and played Harvest Moon DS while the boys had fun in class. I unlocked the second Hot Spring and found my first Cursed Tool. I’ll ask Flora to marry me as soon as I unlock a few more Sprites (I already have the blue feather and her heart is red, so I’m pretty sure she’ll say “yes” ;-)

Then took the boys to the trading card store, then home and taught a student, then did Librivox work for a little while and then made lasagna for dinner. And have been enjoying my lovely MacBook all day. The glossy screen kind of bothers me but I’m certain that I’ll get used to it in time. It’s different, but it’s no worse than a DS screen, which I got used to just fine. It’s so nice and fast, and Dan bought me some extra ram so now it’s even faster! And I have TWO processors ;-) And my iBook’s display was noticably fading, but the colors on this one are nice and bright. And the battery lasts forever and ever and ever.

Time to read a bedtime story (Greenwitch)!

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