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Our David in England found a short and hilarious public domain Cornish Christmas Play (published 1833, but it feels a LOT older). He posted the project this morning, had it fully cast within 5 hours, and I think almost all of the parts have already been submitted. I grabbed the role of The Dragon (I speak about 4 lines and am then slain by Saint George) and David asked if Henry would read the role of Father Christmas. I asked him when he was here for a while this evening, and he said yes so we worked on our lines and took turns recording them. It’s going to be so cool when David gets it all pasted together!

I had lots and lots of Alone Time today — Henry was at his dad’s house all except for a few hours in the evening, and Dan was out helping with a Rockola gig all day. I did luxurious things like reading, uninterrupted, and knitting while listening to audiobooks, uninterrupted, and recording for LibriVox, uninterrupted :) But it was kind of weird, too, so I’ll be glad when everyone is home again tomorrow!

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  1. Chris

    My other half has just started a job that means he’s away from home during the week. It means I get loads of stuff done, but it is weird having the house to myself. Kinda lonely.

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