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I felt better today, a bit less tired, and I got a lot done!  I faded a bit in the afternoon and I’m very tired now, so this might not sound very enthusiastic, but I really did have a nice, fun day.  Henry and I went to  karate first thing.  There were three new little Tiny Tigers in class.  They’re soooooo tiny!  They only come up to Henry’s elbows.  He’s got a belt test coming up on Saturday, so we asked if he could come in for a little extra help brushing up the three Katas that he needs to know.  Sensei Michelle made time for him on Friday, very nice.

Then we went to the dentist for his cleaning and appliance-check up.  He’s doing fine. He is to start turning the bottom front crank at the same time as he turns the top cranks.

Then grocery shopping: TP, Lunesta, dental floss, and baking supplies at Stater Brothers, and everything else under the sun at Trader Joe’s.  Henry carried everything in for me, and then ate french break, garlic and herb Boursin cheese, and applesauce for lunch while I put everything away.  Then I took a 15-minute email break (for the first time today).  Then I helped him bake his fabulous lemony cheesecake.  While it baked, we played music together.  He showed me a cool rhythm to play on the drums while he played the bass.  We sorta re-created “Drive My Car” a little bit :)

Then it was off to the passport office. Then I dropped him off at his dad’s house and did a little Christmas shopping.  Then home, internet, and dinner, which was rotelli with about half a bag of wilted spinach and some red bell peppers in the sauce. And Henry’s cheesecake for dessert!
I’m trying to finish my re-worked sweater collar tonight so I can wear it again tomorrow.  Brr.

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