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I wasn’t happy with the new collar I knitted onto my red sweater, so I ripped it off and tried again.  Still not happy.  But I have another idea…

I sat on Henry’s bed and knitted while he cleaned his room this morning.  He got rid of a lot of cruddy old junk, yay Henry!  Then we started all the computers downloading the most recent WoW patch, and then we went to Margaret’s ranch for one of her Christmas Craft Days.  She sets up tables outdoors with a variety of high-quality craft kits on them, and charges a dollar or two for each craft.  It’s a lot of fun and a great way for  Henry to make gifts for his friends and relatives!  We had a RIOT making a tiny little nativity scene together.  :)

Then we came home and I fixed lunch while Henry filled in a few more squares on our big multiplication chart.  After lunch we settled down to play a little WoW.  The patch broke ALL my add-ons.  I found updated versions of Monkeyquest and EquipCompare, but nothing else, groan.  I need Titan Panel!  I need Auctioneer!  Anyway we played together for a long time.  Went to Aerie Peak and found a new Draeni NCP questgiver!  He gave us three quests so we worked on those. Henry’s character, ZInny, hit level 50 last time we played, but it took all his gold and lot of mine for him to train, so now I’m going to help him grind and make money for a while.  But I depend on Auctioneer to help me make a killing in the Auction House, so I do hope that developer will update his add-on soon.

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