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Tonight I made a HUGE pot of split-pea soup. I want to be able to freeze several portions for days when I crave a good thick hot soup but don’t have the time to make it. I really love good soup! While I was cooking I put on my Christmas playlist on “shuffle” and lots of good stuff came up — Dylan Thomas reading “A Child’s Christmas in Wales,” the Brian Setzer/Ann Margret “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” some Sneak’s Noyse, a couple of the Phil Spector Christmas songs, a little Pete Seeger, etc. etc. A nice mixture of the sublime and the corny :)

I took Henry to the dojo this morning so he could have a little extra one-on-one coaching on his three katas to prepare for his belt test tomorrow. He’s so excited! I think he’ll probably pass his test, if he stays focused and doesn’t space out. He seems to be doing really well to me at least :) And if he doesn’t pass it’s not the end of the world, of course, though he’ll be terribly disappointed; kids who don’t pass always get to test again in a couple of weeks.

Time for a bowl of pea soup with a big glob of sour cream!

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