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Aperture, full-screen

Dan and I had so much fun last night. We were trying to figure out how to make Aperture show one photo at a time, full-screen, without any menus or thumbnails or options or anything on the screen. We wanted just one big photo and nothing else. It’s easy to get a photo to pop up full-screen (press “f”) but by default there’s this row of thumbnails covering the bottom edge. We must have fooled with it for 20 minutes trying to get rid of those thumbnails, and we’re both geeks who are good at figuring out software! Aperture’s UI leaves something to be desired. It’s not exactly intuitive. We tried every menu option that seemed reasonable — preferences, view options, layout, everything — before we finally noticed the little “auto” option in the thumbnail menu itself. Eureka!

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  1. digibudi

    I have to tell how much I enjoyed listening to The Road to Oz from librivox! Ideal for listening while I do my illustrations or my crafts applications.. Thanks so much for doing that!

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