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Teddy Bear

Yesterday Henry made a Kunai Dagger out of felt for his best friend, Fargo, and a little wire and bead bracelet for Fargo’s little sister.  Today he found out that Fargo’s little brother is wishing for a teddy bear.  My first thought was, oh, that’s easy, we can find a nice little bear at Toys ‘r’ Us, but Henry said he wanted to make one!  So we found a simple bear pattern online and Henry dug through my fabric box and chose a soft brown plaid flannel.  I cut out the pieces and pinned them, and Henry did almost all of the sewing on the machine.  The pieces didn’t fit together perfectly so I helped ease them together from time to time.  I clipped the seams, and Henry turned and stuffed the little bear.  He chose button eyes from my spare button bag and I sewed them on (Max is old enough not to eat button eyes).  Then we tied one of my red hair-ribbons around his neck and Henry wrapped him up!

I’m so proud that Henry likes to make gifts and that he understands that, while store-bought presents are great, hand-made ones are special too.  Speaking of handmade gifts, I need to get cracking!  I’ve got a lot of big ideas and a few half-finished presents and only 10 days left, heheh.

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