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Rock on, Back off, Wake up

Dan’s having a spot of bother with his car, so I drove him to work this morning, and Henry and I picked him up again before Karate tonight. Spending that time in the car together make it feel like I had extra Dan-time today, so that was really nice.

Henry and I did LOTS of Christmas gift crafting today. Let’s see… I’d better not go into specifics but let’s just say that we both did a lot of sewing and designing :) And he helped me with housework by running up and down the stairs, fetching things and putting things away. I got really tired and had to have a little lie-down in the afternoon but mostly I felt pretty good all day!

Henry just brought me a printout of the lyrics to Gold Dust Woman. He’s been in a Rumors mood lately. I was startled to see that the first line is “Rock on, gold dust woman” — I thought it was “Wake up” and Henry thought it was “Back off.” Heheh.  Henry loves to play the drums along with that song, but he needs a cowbell desperately.  Tonight he made a makeshift cowbell by holding a metal dustpan against his stomach and beating it with the eraser end of a pencil.  It sounded pretty good!  I had already done all my Christmas shopping when I found out that he was longing for a real cowbell, so if anyone out there wants to make him really happy, send a cowbell.  He’s got a fever… and the only cure… is MORE COWBELL!!

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