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Christmas is not tomorrow!

I woke up too early so I’ve been tired all day, but it’s been a nice day anyway. I did all the rest of the wrapping so we’re all set. I have one more present (for Mom) that’s not finished yet but everything else is done! And I worked on Mom’s present this afternoon for a bit while we finished watching Rudolph. Henry and I drove Dan to Escondido to pick up his car, and then after that H and I played WoW for a while. Then we ate frozen things and leftovers for dinner, and now the guys are baking a batch of chocolate/chocolate-chip/peppermint cookies, and they say they will vacuum and mop for me tomorrow :)

Dan and I have been watching the US version of The Office. The first season was not very good, but second was excellent. We watched the first two episodes of the third season last night and it’s as good as the second so far.

Dan and Henry keep telling me that Christmas is tomorrow but I know better!

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