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Twilight Princess

Henry got up early and played Twilight Princess for a couple of hours before his dad came to pick him up for their Christmas. He took his Transformers and his cloak with him :) I’m so glad he likes his cloak! He’s been wearing it every chance he gets. I’ll post pictures eventually…

So after Henry had gone and while Dan was still sleeping, I finally got a chance to start my own Twilight Princess game! I had watched the guys play, obviously, and it seemed like it would be pretty fun, maybe not great, though they were both raving about it being the Best. Zelda. Evar. Once I started my own game and got past the training stages, I was in total agreement. OMG. I played for 4.5 hours straight, all the way to the point where Link gets his green hero outfit. It’s so good, so good. I love riding the horse! And the Wii controls work beautifully.

In the evening Bob and Chloe came over for a visit. We watched some SNL Christmas sketches and then Pulp Fiction, and then we showed them our Wii. They made a couple of Miis (oh, the Wii UI is so darn good. We gave them a wiimote and a shove in the right direction, and they had great Miis in no time. Then we played Wii sports until 1:30am, heheh. A great time!

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