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The ginormous Stater Brothers grocery store around the corner has a tiny pharmacy counter near the front of the store.  Between the two of us, Dan and I need about 6 different medications every month, and they never all run out at the same time, so I’m at the pharmacy a lot.  Two friendly fellows work there — Howard, who’s middle-aged, and Jeff, who is late-twenties-ish.  They never goof up our prescriptions, they recognize my voice when I call for refills, and they’ve always got friendly conversation for Henry.  The reason I mention this today is that Jeff just called me to ask if I left my gloves there today!  He said they’re small knitted gloves, and he knows I’ve got small hands and wear knitted gloves :) They’re not mine (turquoise, ick), but I was really touched that Jeff thought to call me and check.  Happy new year, pharmacy guys!

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