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Green Wing

Had a nice trip to the library today, filled the backpack and then some. Felt good all day. Tired now but I did a lot of stuff. We just watched the first episode of the second season of Green Wing. Bizarre and entertaining, hope they’re making a third season. Oh, just looked it up, they’re not, oh well :)

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  1. Chris

    Green Wing is the best comedy I’ve seen in a long time. We’ve just watched the last ever show, a two hour special that ties everything up nicely.
    Course I won’t tell you what happens, but it softens the blow of not having a third series to enjoy.

  2. Crystalwizard

    Haven’t heard of green wing, but then I don’t watch TV often. The library we have here in this small town hasn’t got a very good selection of books, but maybe they’ll grow since the town is now growing.

    Curious what the books were you filled your backpack with.


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