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New jeans

Mom took me out to try to find jeans today — my Christmas present. I finally found two pairs of normal-looking jeans in some little store. They’re just plain straight-cut boy jeans (literally. all the girl-size jeans were so low-cut it was ridiculous). They didn’t have very many in my size (28×30, which is a little big but perfectly comfortable) but I found two pairs. Now I can throw out my worn out awful jeans, yay! Really tired again today, sigh, I guess my streak of good sleep is really over. Oh well, those were a nice three days. Didn’t get much done, but helped Henry make his cheesecake (he didn’t need much help) and read a lot. I’m reading “The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets” by Eva Rice, which is amazing. Got a new Anonymous 4 cd at the library on Monday: “On Yoolis Night; Medieval Carols and Motets.” Listening now, it’s lovely.

The guy says he’s not going to do the new-shows podcast anymore, darn it. He doesn’t like Stryker. I LOVE Stryker! I can download the shows myself but it’s not the same as a nice rss feed shoving them automagically into my iPod. Sigh.

If you haven’t listened to our wonderful LibriVox community podcast yet, you really must. I love it. One of the really nice things about it is that there’s no standard format. The show varies in content and style depending on who happened to create it that week. Take a listen to some of our recent episodes and tell me you’re not charmed and entertained!

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  1. Rachel (rachelellen from librivox)

    I just started listening to the community podcast (got an iPod for Christmas and then a week or so ago the light went on and I kind of got my brain around the whole concept of podcasting for the first time). You picked the right word — it’s charming. (also, I was listening to someone called ‘cree’ speak, and wondering, since all the people mentioned thus far in the podcast had been, you know, the kind of Big Names On Campus from the forums, why I had never seen a mention of this “Cree” person. Later I was in the forum and saw ‘kri’ and the light went on again.)

  2. Kristin

    Yep! “cree” is Kri (me) :)

    Hey, I love the community podcast! I have ambitions to take one on someday myself, but not for a while yet.

    Man, I need to buy new clothes too. My favorite jeans are wearing holes in them. It’s such a sad event when your favorite jeans are dying :)

  3. Chloe

    I listen to Loveline everyday! But I only listen to the Adam with ‘no guest’ ones. Soooooo funny!

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