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Only five sections left!

Today, while Dan was at the helicopter field and the house was quiet, I recorded/edited/proofed five more sections of the poetry book. Now I have completed 76 of 81 sections! It’s amazing! And I also beat the horrible caravan escort quest in LOZ:TP, and am ready for the third dungeon. This evening we went to B&C’s house so Dan could finish their complicated new computer set-up. We always have the best time with them! Bob and I surfed around on my laptop and watched old music videos and classic Sesame Street clips on youtube (Capital I, Lower Case n) while Dan and Chloe did computer things, and then we all watched an episode of SNL hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, which was relatively funny, except for the one-joke sketches that dragged on and on.

Posting some links to the awesome Sesame Street clips we found last night, plus some others I just found:

Capital I:

Lower case n:

The Penny Candy Man (8):

Ten Tiny Turtles on the Telephone (ignore elmo at the beginning of the clip):

The Ladybugs’ Picnic:

Number NIne Cutie:

Flying on an Eagle (E):

The “O” Song:

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  1. Kathy

    Gosh, what memories those bring back. I think we all got such a kick out of the imaginativeness of that show. I remember it as a family thing. Each of us enjoyed it on our own level.

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