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Poor Dan is still really sick, but for some reason Henry and I haven’t caught the horrible virus yet. I felt mildly sick for a couple of days, and my chest is a little tight and I cough now and then and am tired, but other than that I feel fine, better than yesterday. Good thing I felt ok today ’cause I had to do million things. Got the mail, FedEx’d something to somebody, bought a few groceries (smoothie ingredients, Vitamin Water, and grapes especially for Dan to munch on, nice and soft for his sore throat), bought 29 gallons of water, took Henry to his Science workshop. I sat in the car and knitted and listened to Loveline, and Henry dissected a frog. Eww! But he had a great time as usual (Lyndy is amazing, amazing!!) and brought home a spare frog and his dissecting tools.

Came home, got a quick shower, punched a hole in the top of a Vitamin Water bottle cap so Dan could sip through a straw, taught two piano students, took Henry to karate (knitted!), bought more cold medicine for Dan, also hand sanitizer (Henry and I are practically bathing in the stuff), came home. Henry fixed quesadillas for dinner and we had some canned pineapple with them. Did two loads of laundry. Read another chapter of The Grey King to Henry for bedtime while he played his bass.

Our LibriVox Weekly Poetry last week was Jabberwocky, in honor of Lewis Carrol’s birth month. We had 34 submissions! That’s almost an hour of Jabberwocky :) Here are all 34 versions for you to download for free:

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