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We’re all feeling more-or-less healthy again, with coughs, though Henry and I go through funny tired phases from time to time. I read the first two chapters of Silver on the Tree to Henry this morning, and another long chunk of Beowulf tonight (the Seamus Heaney translation). The part we read tonight contained the battle with Grendel — wonderful stuff! I went searching for audio of the original Old English and found a few short passages here: !!! So beautiful. I finished the first light-green lace sock today while Dan and I were watching last week’s episode of House (not a very good one, too much out-of-character talking and not enough vasculitis). Photo of the sock soon. (I keep saying that…)

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  1. soozann

    Hi dear ones

    This email is for Kathy – I hope she reads this. I”m going to see Chris up in Albany Saturday night. I hope I have a chance to say hi to him. Kathy, if you are in touch with him this week, please tell him great auntie Susan -step is cheering for him.

    Love Susan

  2. Kathy

    Hahaha! That’s cool! Have a great time, and if I talk to him, I will tell him.

  3. Kathy

    Glad everyone’s feeling better. I thought the same about the House episode. I guess they needed a plot device to cause House to reveal his abused childhood.

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