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We all woke up bright and early, feeling pretty good. And it was a lovely sunny breezy day. Henry’s dental appointment was cancelled, so we decided to go to the zoo. Henry made us some PB&J sandwiches, traffic was light, and we got to the zoo about 10:45. First we visited the Komodo Dragon for a while (Henry’s current favorite animal) and then we watched the dear little Sea Lion show. Then visited the Hummingbird house and the Komodo Dragon again — found out that his (?) name is “Sunny.” Then we took the Sky Buckets over to the other side of the zoo and watched the polar bears for a long long time. The keepers threw some vegetables and fruits into the deep end of their pool, and one bear jumped in and was swimming all around and playing. They’re HUGE and so graceful underwater. Then we looked at some more arctic animals, then walked down the canyon to the pandas and saw both pandas out and eating their bamboo. Then up the walkway to the monkeys, out through the new Monkey Trails exhibit, and then to Sunny for one last visit.

Henry carried the backpack for me the whole time and we went nice and slow, but I still had one of those funny episodes when we got to the car… it happens sometimes, I feel like there’s not quite enough air, my head feels hot, and I feel generally “funny” in an unpleasant way. Sometimes my heart races like crazy. I’m seeing my doctor again on Thursday and I’ll tell him about this again and see what he thinks… he wasn’t concerned last time I told him about it. But it’s very frustrating.

When we got home, I rested for a bit and then taught a student, then rested some more, and then Dan drove us to Henry’s karate class, and then took us out to dinner at Anita’s so I didn’t have to cook :)

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  1. Annie

    Sounds like a lovely day except for the scary episode. I think I know what you mean, sometimes I have similar episodes because of my Meniere’s where I feel “foggy.” I hope the doctor’s visit goes well.

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