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Canada, eh?

It’s Friday night, and we’re in Montreal with our dear friends Hugh and Christine (Hugh is the founder of LibriVox), having arrived here late Wednesday night for a little vacation. It started snowing a bit the night we got here, so yesterday Henry was able to bundle up and play in the snow in the front yard and in the playground across the street. A dog stole his mitten but he got it back. He made a couple of snowmen and knocked them down with karate techniques, and we took a little snowy walk around the neighborhood. I finished knitting Dan’s 2112 hat and started a pair of mittens for Henry with the leftover red yarn.

H & C are in the process of buying a house, so we took a bus over to their new neighborhood and admired their wonderful new house! Friends came over for dinner and we played the Seafarers version of Settlers of Catan.

Henry read his entire vacation book on the airplane, so today Christine and I took Henry on the Metro down to the Indigo bookstore, which was huge and wonderful. They had all four Mary Poppins books in HARDBACK! Drooool. But… I don’t need any books right now (On Tuesday I bought Elizabeth’s London to read on vacation). We found three books for Henry, a Naruto graphic novel, some dragon story, and a Viking-era adventure that looks pretty good. I’ll probably read it also. So now he’s got enough books for the rest of the week, I hope. We also took him to a game store (he asked Christine for a store that sold figurines) and he bought himself a little runic pendant. Sweet boy. It was even colder today than yesterday, but no more significant snow has fallen. On the walk home we stopped into a couple more little shops, including a chocolate shop which smelled heavenly but was too crowded. We’ll go tomorrow morning when they open, perhaps.

This afternoon Christine and I did some knitting, and Henry did a bit too and kept us company. Dan, Henry, Christine, and I played Settlers while Hugh cooked another amazing dinner, and another friend came over to eat with us. Henry’s in bed now and we’re just lazing around. It’s been a wonderful vacation so far. We love the cold! :)

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