Mastodon Happy Easter, if that’s your thing —

Happy Easter, if that’s your thing

Christine had to work today, but she left a bag of little chocolate eggs for me to hide for Henry :) We ate little chocolate eggs all day. We didn’t do anything much else — Henry helped me beat my current Zelda dungeon (the one with the spinner, very cool) and then he played WoW on my laptop for the rest of the day. I read and talked to Hugh, and Dan lazed around. Dan and I took a nice walk out in the evening for some dinner groceries and I made spinach fettucine with a rather tasty sauce for dinner.

Yesterday morning we went to the little chocolatier around the corner and then Christine took me to her favorite yarn store, which was tremendously fun! There was so much lovely yarn to choose from. I got some wool/bamboo/polymide Regia sock yarn for Henrysocks, and some wool/cotton/polymide and wool/polymide Regia sock yarn for me, and some Marra merino/alpaca for thicker socks, and three skeins of elegant golden-brown Noro (silk/cashmere/lambswool/nylon) that’ll work up into a lovely scarf. I’ll post a photo later. And I finished Henry’s red mittens. We took a little walk before bed so he could get some fresh air, and he wore his mittens and made up a skee-ball game using snowballs and the playground slide across the street :)

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