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Nice lazy day. We planned to go to the science center, but then Henry banged his knee at the playground and we decided he should keep off of it for the day. We had a lovely day just doing nothing. I started a pair of socks for Henry with the wool/bamboo yarn. In the afternoon Henry’s knee felt better so we took a little walk and poked around the dollar store. We bought some postcards and a pack of cards, and then we went to the market for potatoes for dinner. Christine and Henry and Dan and I played Settlers while Hugh cooked another tasty dinner — a couple of piles of MEAT and green beans with garlic and a vat of mashed potatoes. Yum! While we were eating we started discussing games, and it turns out that Hugh is a Euchre player, so after dinner we taught Dan and Henry to play (Christine was tired and went to bed). That was a lot of fun!

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