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Today is our last full day in Montreal :( We all wish we could stay much longer. Henry and I walked out to mail postcards and buy breakfast pastries this morning. I really wanted to go see something cultural today, so after Christine got back from an appointment, she and Henry and I hopped on the metro and went down to the Centre d’histoire de Montréal which is a lovely little museum in an old fire station, down in the Old Town. I thought the exhibits were well-planned and very interesting! I think Henry and Christine got a little bit tired of Montreal history after a while :) Next we went to a busy little cafe for a bite to eat, and then up to the Notre Dame cathedral, which was spectacular. Ornate, dramatic, luxurious. Then we came home, then Henry and Christine went to look at a toy store while Dan and I went back downtown to return his rented guitar. And now we’re home again with sore feet. And I’m sleepy. Doing a little knitting now, and then I’ll make some dinner and then pack. Sigh.

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  1. Kathy

    I am glad you had such a wonderful vacation! Montreal sounds so cool, I wish I could see it again–Ken and I had an afternoon there when I was 14.

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