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Little Miss Sunshine

I just finished watching Little Miss Sunshine. I loved it from beginning to end. It was beautifully filmed, with the kind of shots that make you want to frame them and put them on the wall. Marvelous acting from the whole cast. Although it’s billed as a comedy, it’s dark and satirical and you won’t be laughing a whole lot… it’s more often sad than funny. Think Fargo.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but when you watch Olive’s pageant performance, think about exactly WHY it is so disturbing to the judges…

Although I *cough* borrowed the copy that I just watched, it is well worth purchasing and I will do so asap. Fine film-making should be supported, so please buy this one if you like it as much as I did! Here’s a link to make buying easy:
Little Miss Sunshine on Amazon

(do yourself a favor and avoid amazon’s evil “unbox” offer and buy a nice physical dvd that you can take to a friend’s house)

Or rent from Greencine:
Little Miss Sunshine on Greencine (I’d suggest buying from greencine too, but their shopping cart seems to be broken)

My rating: 5.0 stars

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3 Responses to “Little Miss Sunshine”

  1. Chris Hughes

    I absolutely agree. Loved the film – laughed a lot, cried a bit. The Dad shouting ‘we’re not turning back!’ through the car park was a high point. And I think you are spot on about why Olive’ s performance is disturbing to the judges.

  2. hfdratch

    Here I thought LibriVox would only lead me to audio books and reading aloud rather than a blogful of juicy books, poems and a movie I, too, liked — 4 stars-worth. I just saw Fargo for the first time and the similarities are true, the difference is the over-whelming cold vs. Miss Sunshine’s desert ride. Small difference.
    I enjoyed this piece of your well-designed site, the link to LibriVox in a gallery (and book-making) and your more bookish (literary) blog. Thanks for the break from taxes.

  3. Dan Parsons

    “Not just one woman, a LOT of women!”

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