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Today, Friday, I have big plans to get lots and lots of recording done. Mom’s not home, Henry’s going to Legoland with friends, Dan’s at work.

So this morning, first thing, a woodchipper started up down the street. GAH. But it’s 11 now and they’re stopped for a while, so I think they might be done for the day. Henry’s friends just came to pick him up. I moved the birds outside. Unplugged the turtle tank filter. Turned off my ringer. Waited for the recycling truck to pass. The garbage truck hasn’t come yet, so I’ll just have to pause for a few minutes when it arrives in our neighborhood.

Ok, time for Etiquette, chapter 27, part 2!

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  1. Kristin

    I want to get some recording done tonight too. I’m on a spurt of motivation to get things done (so I cleaned) and now once I check things over we’ll see if I can’t try to get something out.

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