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I just wrote an email to James Lileks. I’m reading Something from the Oven, by Laura Shapiro, and it seems like a book he’d enjoy — so I wrote and recommended it to him! It feels like I wrote to, um, Jimmy Stewart or someone equally famous and unreachable. Well, Jimmy Stewart is dead, so maybe that’s not a good comparison… Anway, if Lileks writes back I will print out his email and frame it :)

I don’t think I ever mentioned my Lileks dream. One night I dreamed that Lileks and I were watching our kids play in the park and discussing housework. How fascinating is that? Well, at least if he reads this he’ll know I’m not the stalker type. Heheh.

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  1. Cassandra

    Actually, I’m already on Librivox! (username: sandralynne) Mom found the site a few months back, and I’ve listened to several publications already, including Robinson Crusoe, King Lear, and your reading of The Secret Garden. ; ) Good stuff.

    Sadly, I’ve not been able to record anything myself. Either I’m too busy, or all the good parts are taken. You know how that goes! : P

    By the way, as you probably guessed, my blog was only recently started. I’m still trying to get it off the ground, so if you ever want to drop by or comment…feel free! ^_^

    By the way, nice to “meet” you.


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