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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear Dan :)

I made a peanut-butter/chocolate pie for The Birthday Treat — peanut-butter/cream-cheese on the bottom, chocolate pudding on the top. It’s pretty good, though I’m not a pudding fan. I think it could be improved by substituting some other form of chocolate for the top layer, preferably DARK. Oooo… maybe I could pour a layer of melted dark chocolate into the crust, then put the pb/cc layer on top of that, the swirl come chocolate syrup on top…

Also made chicken parm this morning, so all I had to do was heat it up and make pasta after karate. This afternoon, H and I quested in the Un’Goro crater and had a lot of fun — it’s a great zone, tons of fun quests in a not-too-huge area.

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