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Podcast Update

Well, I’m a bit behind here :) I’ve already podcast up through section 40 of the poetry book. It’s silly for me to paste all those links here when you can just go download them directly from the librivox catalog page:
Poems Every Child Should Know.

I just sent this message out in my podcast feed: Message from Kara

So — on to another book! It’s time for some more children’s history — a really great book called The Story of the Middle Ages, by Samuel B. Harding. The wonderful Lisa of send me a reprint of this book to read from, which was a real treat, as I usually read off my laptop screen which is never as nice as holding a real book in my hands. I suggest you buy your own copy from mainlesson so your kids can read along while they listen. :)

Here are the first three chapters (now you’re actually AHEAD of the podcast subscribers!):
00 – Introduction
01 – The Ancient Germans
02 – Breaking the Frontier


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