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Busy Monday

8:30am woke up, more or less, checked email, glanced at LibriVox, checked google reader
9:00am made breakfast smoothie for Dan, did chores, etc.
9:30am shower
9:45am left for dr. appt (endocrinologist, 6mo checkup)
10:00am Dr.
11:00am got blood drawn at lab
11:05am raced home, Henry and his dad were waiting for me
11:15am, chatted with Henry about the weekend, did dishes together
11:30am WoW
12:00 left for Science club in Encinitas
12:20 dropped Henry at Science Club, raced back to Oceanside to do errands
12:45 bank
1:00 vitamin store for iron supplements for me
1:10 grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s
1:45 quick lunch in car – veggie sushi from Trader Joe’s
2:00 drove back to Encinitas
2:30-2:55 waited for Science Club to end
3:15 home, lay down for half an hour to rest, read email, check LV again
3:45-5:00 piano students
5:00 ate yogurt
5:15 left for Karate
5:30-6:30 watched karate class, worked on second Wishbone Sock (got lots of compliments)
6:45 home, Henry helped me make dinner. Hawaiian marinated beef, steamed broccoli, ciabatta bread, cheese
7:30 helped Henry rehearse for Talent Show
8:00-9:00 read Martian Chronicles and Dragonflight to Henry for bedtime
9:30 heated up dinner for Dan
10:00 went up to say goodnight to Henry one more time, told him he could keep reading till 10:30
10:30 wrote blog, waited for Bob to call back

No time to record today, bah. Maybe tomorrow!

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