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Alexandria Helena Hixenbaugh

EDIT: June 1, 2007 — Helena is home, safe and sound!

Have you seen Helena?

Alexandria Helena Hixenbaugh

She’s the daughter of a local homeschooling family. We don’t know her personally, but friends of hers attend Henry’s little charter school. She disappeared from her home one week ago. Her family is frantic. Please help find her!

More info here:

Updates on the Search for Alexandria Helena Hixenbaugh

Alexandria has made contact with her best friend by phone. We believe based on her conversation with the friend and other leads that she is still in the greater San Diego area, perhaps even still in Escondido.

At this point all media coverage has been shut down because she is runaway – not an abducted child. Amber alerts post only for known abduction cases of children. We are still working to get some media coverage – if you have any resources in this area we would greatly appreciate your contacting us via our email:

May 26, 2007

As of May 26, 2007- she has been missing for a full week. We want her home with us – safe – with the family that loves her unconditionally. If you know her whereabouts please communicate to her that we want her home. She is not in trouble for running away. Running away is a sign that we need to talk – that there are issues, we as a family need to work through. We are willing – we are waiting with open arms for her return home….Please help us find Helena.

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