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Horses and Penguins

Henry was sick today, but by the time I put him to bed tonight he was feeling a lot better so we hope it will all be cleared up tomorrow. Um… what happened today.. I got my car washed! YAY! Now I can see out the windows and it’s all shiny and clean, inside and out. Also bought Henry two more pairs of his favorite shorts from Mervyn’s. The child is so skinny that I have to buy size 8 shorts and take them in two inches at the waist. Also did a huge grocery shopping, which Dan kindly carried in and up the stairs. Also created a horse costume for the Rockola show on Friday. I hope it’s horsey enough. Also cataloged the intriguingly-named Penguin Island, a solo read by Michael Sirois. It took two days to catalog. There are 62 files, and I changed my mind about the ID3 tag scheme so I downloaded them, re-did them all in iTunes, and then had to upload them, which took hours.

We just watched the season finale of House, which ended exactly as I predicted. Oh, House, what will we do without for you the next few months?

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