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Strangest. Dream. Evar.

Just woke up, gotta write this down before I forget, though I know there’s nothing worse than hearing about other people’s dreams.

We were in Canada, helping Hugh and Christine move. I went out to a little store, and there was a grizzled old man there, maybe 65-70. Somehow I found out that he was ApeLad (drawer of hoboes, monkeys, lolcats, etc. His work shows up on boingboing all the time). We talked for a while, and I got all giddy and excited because I had met ApeLad, and I ran back to the house to tell Hugh, because I knew he’d want to meet ApeLad, too. Hugh was out but Christine was ironing sheets, so I helped. There was an aquarium in the kitchen, and a miniature lynx was diving in and trying to eat the fish.

So random! Why on earth did I dream about ApeLad? I’ve never given him a thought before. Now I see that he’s on twitter… I wonder if I should friend him. I find it creepy when unknown people friend me… but he can always block me if it weirds him out.

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  1. Michelle

    You could totally write a Beatles-esque song with this dream providing the lyrics…(mashup Lucy, Walrus, and Ob-la-di!):

    ApeLad in the 7-11 with Kayray…ahhh, ahh.
    You are the ApeLad, I am the ApeLad, you are the Christine!
    Koo koo ka choo!
    Picture a kitchen with fish in an aquarium,
    With miniature lynx eating grizzled old men…
    Christine has a barrel in the marketplace,
    Hugh is a singer in the band,
    Christine stays at home and irons all the sheets,
    and in the evening she’s a singer with the band!

    Really, it works for me.

  2. Christine

    The thing I can’t understand is why you would dream about my ironing sheets!! So crazy!

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