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Well, I’m still sick, Henry’s still sick. We were planning to go the The Fair today, but that’s off — luckily it runs till July 4, so there will be plenty of other opportunities to go.

So, let’s see, what did we do… Henry watched some cartoons, I ran errands, we played some WoW, we tidied up the Sitting Room, and we planned out a new messenger bag for him. Made the basic pattern already and dug through my stash for appropriate fabric — he chose a medium-blue corduroy for the exterior, and red-and-white striped stuff for the lining.

Watched Episode 9 of Rome tonight with Dan! What an AWESOME show. Every episode is gripping and over far too soon. The only thing we don’t like is the title sequence, which is dull compared to the title sequence for The Tudors :) Other than that, it’s perfect — well-written, characters we care about, fine acting, amazing sets and costuming. I suppose there are plenty of wild historical inaccuracies, but oh well, we’re learning a lot about ancient Rome anyway, and it sends us to wikipedia to look things up and compare reality with TV.

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