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much too late

Argh, I have to get up earlyish and I should be asleep already but I barely had any computer time today and I really really wanted to finish cataloging Decline and Fall. Also want to blog about my busy and productive day, so I’ll do that first and do the cataloging afterwards if I still have some steam.

Student this morning, dear little 6 year old, then did some housework, then went out to take Dan’s guitar to the guitar fixit man, then to the thrift store for morsbag cloth. Found a beautiful heavy curtain with huge abstract blue flowers on it ($5) and a king-size sheet in blue-and-white stripes ($6). Then to pharmacy, then home. Then showed Sal the Family Tree (make your own at and she got all excited and we put in a TON of info about her dad’s side of the family. Also tried to fix mysterious internet problem, but failed until advised tonight to power cycle BOTH access points. Which I totally should have figured out on my own. But anyway…

Then Henry and I made the curtain into 6 morsbags! Six great reusable cloth grocery bags for a grand total of $5! And we had a great time making them. Photos tomorrow. We took turns with the ironing and sewing. Tomorrow we hope to make a start on the sheet… I think we might get 8, 10, or possibly 12 bags from it!

Then it was time for Karate.

Then home, and wolfed down some of the pasta and sauce we made last night, yumyumyum. Then what… Oh, we watched a Modern Marvels about Barbeque Tech, which sounds boring but it was really interesting — do you know how charcoal briquettes are made and who invented them??? They showed us some hilarious gadgets, too… the Chicken Throne (don’t ask) sent Henry into hysteria. All I have to say to him is “Chicken Throne” and it sets him off again :) “Whole Pig Injector” is another one that gets a big laugh.

Then I suggested that he might like to record some of his Button-Bright lines for The Scarecrow of Oz. He had such a good time recording that he finished up all his lines! And then we got them noise-cleaned and edited, etc, so that took a long time, and then Dan called and we talked, and then it was like 11, and then I tucked Henry in and now here I am, blogging. Darn, it’s almost midnight. Decline and Fall will have to wait another day.

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