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Harry Potter 7

Here’s the story of last night:

We stopped by Barnes and Noble earlier in the day and got our wristbands and place in line (24th in the Year Six line). At night we got there about 9:30 and hung around the store until they started lining people up outside. I sat on the floor and read most of Fever 1793, which was a terrific book! Henry wandered around and looked at things, won a bookmark in a HP trivia contest, and got his picture taken. At 11 we went outside to line up. It was a madhouse, but we finally found our spot in the Year Six line. Year Seven got to line up IN the store, but we were next after them. We stood behind a really nice teenage boy and his mom. At midnight the Year Seven people were allowed to purchase their books and everyone cheered when the first little girl came out of the store with her book. Pretty soon they started letting the Year Six people in, ten at a time, and we got our book at around 12:30. Henry asked for a empty book box for a keepsake and they gave him one. Got home a few minutes later and I went to bed; Henry read until 3:59am :)

The internets are strangely quiet today. Everyone is reading?

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