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sick again

Yesterday my throat felt funny all day… dry and not-quite-right. Also felt tired and mildly rotten. But we had fun playing Sunday Bloody Sunday (Dan on guitar, Henry on bass, me on drums) for a while when Dan got home from work. Henry finished Deathly Hallows and I got started during karate and had read the first 11 chapters by bedtime.

Last night I had a bad sore throat in the night, but by the time I’d been awake for a while it had calmed down. Didn’t do much today, no energy, but I did take Henry to the beach in the morning (and read a lot more HP while I was there). We’re watching “Rome: Engineering and Empire” together right now, or we will be when Henry finishes his sandwich. Love that History Channel!

The 60-stitch nine-to-five sock is coming along beautifully. I’ve turned the heel (30 st on heel flap, k across 16 to start the turning) and it’s fitting much much better than the 72-stitch version. Yay!

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