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feeling a bit better!

Feeling significantly better today, still constantly coughing up gunk but I feel more like myself, and even went grocery shopping! When we were in Montreal, Hugh served us an appetizer of kielbasa (handmade by his Hungarian butcher), tasty bread, and cheese. Henry loved the kielbasa and dubbed it “Pink Meat”. Today I noticed that Trader Joe’s sells a kielbasa now — no nitrites, no nitrates, no msg, no preservatives. Not quite handmade by a Hungarian butcher, but worth a try, I thought. Dan and I just had some with slices of a sesame demi-batard and some double cream gouda and it’s very good.

Two of the stars of American Body Shop, a new show on Comedy Central, were guests on Loveline the other night. They were entertaining and the description of their show sounded interesting so I asked the TiVo to get it for us. Should be an episode on tonight. I watched a short clip on the internet. It was only a minute long, but it entertained me and made me laugh once or twice, and there’s no laugh track — yay! Can’t watch laugh-track shows anymore. It looks like an Office-type show, which is a promising start if they’ve got good writers and and a good cast.

Now I’m sleepy so I’ll lie here and nap and watch Dan play starcraft. My feet are hot. Fascinating Fact: In winter my feet get unbearably cold and in summer they get unbearably hot. I sleep with an ice bag at my feet in summer.

Here’s an entertaining video:

The Potter Puppet Pals in “The Mysterious Ticking Noise.” Family safe.

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  1. Kathy

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick…and hot….

    that video was so….so…..I’m at a loss for words. How do people come up with these things? I have no clue, but it’s wonderful that they do.

    Thought of you last night when I watched the first disc of North and South.


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