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I love OK GO

A few months ago, Damian Kulash was a guest on Loveline. He sounded unusually intelligent and was a great guest. They mentioned something called “the treadmill video” which sounded intriguing so I found it on youtube and watched it. Again and again and again. Then I found several more OK GO videos on Youtube, and liked every song. I set up a Pandora station based on OK GO and have realized that, while a lot of the stuff pandora picks for me is perfectly pleasant, every time an OK GO song comes on it’s something special! They have a great sound, beautiful vocal harmonies, good crunchy guitar, hard drums, interesting bass, intelligent lyrics, and their songs are not all identical to one another. I’ve never heard an OK GO song that I didn’t at least like a little bit, and they tend to grow on me more and more. Hooray for OK GO! I put their special release collector’s edition dvd/cd on my birthday list :)

Since Hugh is out of town and probably won’t be posting his Friday Youtube Music Video Mixtape, I’ll do one for OK GO. (edit: Hugh is back and he’s pissed off at Bell Canada — for good reason!)

Song: “Oh lately it’s so quiet”. Here’s an adorable fan-made video. I love the hand-clap/guitar bit for the solo, and the creeping girl!

Here’s a live version of the same song! <3 <3 <3!!!

Here’s Do What You Want, the wallpaper version:

And, for those who have been living in a cave, here’s their backyard dance video and the treadmill video:

Thanks, OK GO, for not suing people for posting (and making) videos! You rock!

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  1. Kristin

    Ahh yes, that treadmill video is brilliant! :)

  2. Geo

    Great mix! OK GO makes me happy too. What a kick.

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